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Organic Pest Control

We offer Residential & Commercial Pest Management Solutions.
Rated Top Pest Company in Akron 3 years in a row
by authoritative sites such as ThreeBestRated.com,
Houzz, and Porch.com. A Top Pro with Thumbtack.com holding many awards.      We are one of a very few Organic pest control companies around.
If you would like to do business with a small, local pest exterminator in Akron, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, or North East Ohio, look no further.    
  Patrick's Pest Control is a genuine personal pest company in Akron,Ohio. Providing pest control services from Cleveland, Akron, Canton to New Philadelphia or Columbus. Sometimes visiting our neighboring states West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and Kansas.               
  Patrick's Pest Control specializes in Bed Bug Control and Extermination.
We will come up with the best solution for you and implement it quickly and effectively. Each case is unique, so each treatment plan will be strategically tailored to your specific needs.
Sleep in peace after our Bed Bug Control Treatment. Bed Bugs and Bed bug bites will be a thing of the past. We know what & how to kill bed bugs.
Our services are top rated, and our prices won't be beat.
Voted Best Pest Control Company in Akron.

We are "The Most Affordable pest control company in Akron." says our reviewers.

Ants, spiders, bees, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, skunks, raccoon, rabbits, rats and bats. Nuisance wildlife animals .--- Ugh!
Let Patrick's Pest Control handle your pest problem so you won’t have to do battle with insects or wild animals again.
  Friendly and Experienced. We will listen to you. Identify the pest problem. Implement a treatment plan accordingly. We are prompt and professional, and deliver exceptional service.
  I value your health and safety as my first priority. I provide long-lasting treatments through Integrated Pest Management including, precision spraying and baiting techniques, insect growth regulators, and pheromone traps and lures. Ensuring maximum effectiveness on each and every level.

"When they crawl, give me a call. I won't rest until you do."

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Residential & Commercial Organic Pest Control Solutions
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  Akron's Expert Bed Bug Exterminator
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We offer a full range of
Organic Pest Control Services in the Akron
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