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Patrick's Pest Control   (330) 203-9472       Akron's Expert Bed Bug Exterminator. Akron,Cleveland,Canton, and surrounding area's most affordable pest control company.Patrick's Pest Control offers a full range of  Pest Control Services in Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and surrounding areas. We offer Residential & Commercial Pest Management Solutions. Local pest exterminator in Akron,Stow,Cuyahoga Falls,Hudson. Fully Licensed and Insured. Patrick's Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest company in Akron,Ohio. Providing pest control services from Cleveland, Akron,Canton to New Philadelphia.              
Patrick's Pest Control specializes in Bed Bug Control and Extermination. We will come up with the best solution for you,and implement it quickly and effectively.
Our services are top rated,and our prices won't be beat.
Voted Best Pest Control Company in Akron.
   Bed Bugs and Bed bug bites will be a thing of the past.                   Most Affordable pest control company in Akron.
Ants,spiders,bees,fleas,flies,rodents,snakes,beetles,animals.--- Ugh!
Let Patrick's Pest Control handle your pest problem so you won’t have to do battle with bugs or wild animals again.
Sleep in peace after our Bed Bug Control Treatment. We kill bed bugs.
Friendly and Experienced. We are prompt and professional, and deliver exceptional service. I value your health and safety as my first priority. I provide long-lasting treatments through precision spraying and baiting techniques ensuring maximum effectiveness.

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  These are just a few services we provide. We are a full service pest company located in Akron,Ohio.
Serving Cleveland-Akron-Canton and surrounding areas. We have 24 hour emergency pest services available.
  We make our schedule to fit your needs and availability. We warranty our work,and offer price match guarantee.
You can  contact us anytime,day or night at (330) 203-9472.
Good night,sleep tight.Well you know the rest. Bed bugs are on the rise.Bed bugs have grown in population by over 44%.                              
Bed bugs are possible transmitters of Chagas.A deadly disease.               
Bed bug bites,and allergic reaction to a bed bug bite affect people differently. Rash,swelling,redness,pain,itch. Some show no signs at all. Others it includes a trip to the emergency room or Dr. office. Commonly mistaken for mosquito,or flea bites.        
So when they crawl,give me a call.
I won't rest until you do.

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The chemical Bed Bugs leave behind is called  “Histamine“. The Bed Bug excrete histamine in their feces,(poop) to use as a pheromone to attract other Bed Bugs. Studies show that even after a Bed Bud pest treatment,and the pests are gone,the histamine remains present.

Humans can have an allergy to histamine. Causing symptoms  such as itchiness,difficulty breathing,or asthma. Our bodies react to allergens and produce histamine  naturally to counter the effects of the allergens ourselves.
Most of us would just simply take a couple anti histamine tablets.
  Patrick’s Pest Control advises proper clean up of soiled areas and articles. The “stippling” that Bedbugs create is caused by their feces. This stippling as we call it is easily cleaned up with mild soap and water. It appears on corners of mattress’ and other harbourage areas. Stippling looks as if someone took an ink pen and dotted an area in a somewhat localized location.
  Empty skins or shells of Bed Bugs is caused by 1st stage nymph to 5th stage nymph,growing from ingesting bloodmeals. Thus it is necessary for the growing Bed Bug instars to "molt" it's exoskeleton. Bed Bugs reach full adult maturity in a month and start laying eggs in 32 days in ideal conditions. The Female Bedbug can lay between 4-12 eggs each day,EVERYDAY! for the rest of her life.
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