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Located downtown Akron.Service areas include Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and surrounding areas.
Exterminator for your home,work,office, or school.
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Prevention and Exclusion is the key. Contact me and I will show you how "preventative maintenance" is cheaper than issues that are already out of control.  Believe me, you can afford it before it becomes a problem."IPM" Integrated Pest Management is the ultimate solution. By addressing the issues on every level, they can't get out of control.  I'm here for you in either case and will solve all your pest control needs. 
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Patrick's is Eco-Friendly
As we head into our 10th-year of business we shift our focus more on our customers' health & safety concerns.  Troubling concerns from clients as to the side effects and repercussions of the pesticides being used in today's pest management industry.  Either for their pet or for their child or perhaps another family member, these are real, embedded, often scary concerns. Panic and anxiety quickly take over for some. Others struggle to just not be freaked out by the two dilemmas starring them in the face.  "The bugs or the poison". It's fight or flight at that point in time. They had a serious decision to make. I would do my best to reassure them that I would handle the pest problem quickly and effectively. But now, I fear being the "messenger" when I have to tell the client the news of my findings.  However it's a "no-brainer" when I offer my solution to the poisons they had to deal with in the past. Technology and science have answered the call with products in today's market that are just as effective as their counterparts. Organic solutions that target specific neuro pathways called (octopamine receptors). These receptors only exist in insects thus leaving mammals, birds, and fish unharmed and unaffected. 
  You have a choice. You could call the other expensive companies out, with their contracts & poison at the ready, they might squeeze you in the schedule, sometime that week. Or, you can call me. A tiny business with far less overhead which enables me to offer, Natural, Organic, Child Safe & Pet-Friendly pest control services for a fraction of the costs. Or you can try your luck with the do-it-yourself- products from your local hardware store. At the end of the day, you should know that some things are just best left to the professionals. "So When they crawl, give me a call". I am open 24 hours a day so you don't have to miss work or an important event with loved ones. I am highly trained and skilled in Integrated Pest Management.    
A PMP with the TNT. Time & Technique.