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BED BUG FACTS. "Cimex lectularius"
  Human blood is the bed bug’s sole food source, and they primarily seek out human hosts through two attractants: body heat and the carbon dioxide of our breath.
The life cycle of a bed bug consists of seven stages, beginning with the egg. Most bed bug eggs hatch after 10 to 14 days. The next five life stages, known as instars, involve gradual growth to adult size. In order to progress to each instar, the immature bed bug must feed on human blood and shed its skin, or ‘molt’. Bed bugs reach adulthood after the fifth instar is completed. From the time eggs are laid, the average bed bug will reach full maturity after 30 to 40 days. Bed bugs usually feed once or twice a week. However, they can live for up to three months at room temperature without feeding on a human host, and studies have found they survive for even longer in colder environments.
  A female bed bug only needs to mate once,then is fertile for life. She will lay 4 or 8 eggs per day, as many as 12 in warmer conditions. On average 1200 eggs during her lifetime (which may be one year or more).
  Bed bugs can survive in temperatures ranging from freezing to as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bed bugs can consume as much as seven times their own bodyweight in human blood during one feeding session. Although they usually remain near sleeping human hosts, adult bed bugs can travel up to 100 feet in search of food.
  Signs and evidence of a Bed Bug infestation include;
Live bed bugs.
Unhatched bed bug eggs, which are small white encasements roughly 1mm in length and resemble grains of rice.
Molted skins cast off during the instar stages, which are usually fragmented with a translucent appearance.
Fecal stains on beds and bedding. aka "stippeling"
  Seldom DIY products work and most are applied improperly. Extermination and Control is best left to a qulified Pest Management Professional who specializes in Bed Bugs.

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  Pat's Heat Treat advises proper clean up of soiled areas and articles. The “stippling” that Bedbugs create is caused by their feces. This stippling as we call it is easily cleaned up with mild soap and water. It appears on corners of mattress’ and other harbourage areas. Stippling looks as if someone took an ink pen and dotted an area in a somewhat localized location.
  Empty skins or shells of Bed Bugs is caused by 1st stage nymph to 5th stage nymph,growing from ingesting bloodmeals. Thus it is necessary for the growing Bed Bug instars to "molt" it's exoskeleton. Bed Bugs reach full adult maturity in a month and start laying eggs in 32 days in ideal conditions. Once the female mates with the male she is fertile for life and no longer needs the male to empregnate her. The Female Bedbug can lay between 4-12 eggs each day. EVERYDAY! For the rest of her life! (avg. life span =1 year)

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