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Your family and pets safety is just as important as mine.  I will take care of you, your family, and your pets as I would my own. I too have children and pets. So I know the importance of their health & safety. That is why I am glad to announce that as of 2019 we have "Gone Green". 100% Organic Pest Control. Further ensuring healthier pest control practices be implemented around your loved ones. Don't hesitate to call me (day or night) 24 hrs for all your pest control needs.  Because I CARE!!
  Hello, my name is Patrick and this is my mission statement.
To provide a healthy and safe place for my Family and yours to live, eat, work and play. Like you, I love and want to protect my family at all costs. I worked for 20 years in the food industry. Everything from grocery stores, to universities, to fast food. I have seen what is behind those doors and I must be honest with you. I have NEVER worked in a place that was absolutely insect or rodent free. So I decided to try and make an impact concerning healthy environments for my children to grow up in, starting at the commercial level of food preparation and food service establishments. To help ensure my family and yours receives uncontaminated sources of food, but that's not where it ends. Our homes are a prime source for our living and eating needs. Like any other place, it too can be invaded by unwanted pests. I take this seriously due to the threats to our health and safety. Insects and rodents carry many bacteria and disease which can be passed on to us all too easily. Taking a proactive approach, results are always pleasing. Nevertheless, outbreaks can be sudden and in mass quantities. Rest assured these situations can be taken care of quickly and safely. There are many laws and regulations concerning pesticide applications and wild animal trapping. So leave it to the pros. I am careful to maintain our eco system and protect the environment. Always keeping the #1 priority in focus. "Our Family's health and safety."Call someone you can trust. I am your neighbor and your friend and I will look out for your best interests. Sincerely, Patrick A. Crosby.
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